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Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky is certified by China Ready program


The tourism market in China has great potential for the development of the IHG hotel business in comparison with other regional markets of the world. Today the Chinese are recognized as the most traveling nation. IHG offers an excellent opportunity to increase its income by occupying a large niche in the growing outbound tourism market from China.

That's why the Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky hotel has been certified by the China Ready program, which effectively meets the needs and expectations of guests from China.
China Ready is a program of the State Chinese Academy of Tourism, aimed at creating a comfortable environment for staying at the hotel for Chinese tourists, taking into account their cultural characteristics and traditions.

Chinese culture is based on the traditions of respect. For employees of Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky it is very important to understand when serving Chinese guests. For example, while registration at a hotel, it is undesirable to give a Chinese guest a key of a room numbered "4" - the Chinese consider this an unlucky number, because the sound of the word "four" in the Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language is similar with the word "death" (sĭ). Or, if the hotel offers a welcome gift to the Chinese guests in the form of a fruit basket, you need to make sure that it does not contain pears, because the sound of the word "pear" in the Mandarin dialect of Chinese is similar to the word "break". Such a gift will not please the guests!

After accreditation in the China Ready program for a comfortable stay of Chinese travellers, Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky has special conditions: newspapers and TV channels in Chinese, the ability to pay by the Chinese payment system UnionPay, special Chinese dishes such as dimsams, spring rolls, wheat or rice noodles and much more. Chinese guests are especially pleased to receive in their room different types of Chinese tea, for example, oolong tea, green tea or tea with jasmine. They regard this as a sign of respect and sincere hospitality.

Holiday Inn is one of the 12 brands of IHG, which has more than 5,000 hotels in almost 100 countries. There are more than 1150 hotels in the world under the Holiday Inn brand and about 250 hotels are planned to be opened. In Russia, under the Holiday Inn brand there are 8 hotels, 5 of which are located in Moscow.

Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky is operated by IHG.

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