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Personal data of hotel web users

The security of personal data of the users of Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky website is of utmost importance to us. We adhere to strict rules to prevent the leakage of personal information.

Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky uses personal data of users in order to provide high-quality and timely feedback, promptly provide information on current news, promotions and profitable offers that may be of interest to you, as well as technical changes on the website. The website also conducts a thorough selection of partner companies whose services may seem interesting to you.

The Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky website is designed to provide a high level of protection for the personal information of visitors. Your personal data cannot reach third parties, except in cases stipulated by the legislation of Russian Federation, or by a court decision.

If you notice that at some point in time the confidentiality of your personal data has been violated, immediately inform about us by email, and we will take all possible measures to eliminate violations.

We inform you that each time you use the site, cookies are saved. Cookie is a small package of data used by the browser and stored on the user's personal computer. Cookies cannot be a malicious program that is designed to gain unauthorized access to data contained on your computer. These files do not contain or collect data, but when you enter the site they are read using a browser and transmit data to the server, allowing you to make browsing the site more convenient.

In fact, cookies are created to identify regular users, remember their individual settings and status on the site, and to collect impersonal statistical information, which in turn gives a complete picture of the preferences of users visiting the site.

Most modern browsers have the function of disabling cookies. It should be remembered that by prohibiting the browser from sending cookies, browsing the website may be less convenient for you.

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